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Innocent Blueカルテ1

movie | Oct 22 2021
Innocent Blueカルテ1
Saeki Nozomi is a nurse that works at the pediatrics department of the Mizuno General Hospital, she is a 24 years old and a young wife who has been married for about 1 year however she is sexually frustrated due to her husband not being with her due to work. She has a cousin, Hiroto, who is more like a younger brother since Saeki family took care of Hiroto when his oarent died, happens to be hospitalized and they get along well, helping to reduce if even a little her loneliness. One day while going to his room she is attacked and abused by a masked man... After the incident, she has to told someone what has happened to her so she confessed that she was abused to Hiroto, right then and there he tells her that he is the man that will support her from now on, the have sex. They continue to have sex whenever they can, not knowing that an evil doctor has discovered this secret, Nimura-sensei, who will take advantage of this secret to have sex with Saeki...