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Mizugi Kanojo Vol. 1 水着彼女 Fit.1みずほエクササイズ

movie | Oct 22 2021
Mizugi Kanojo Vol. 1 水着彼女 Fit.1みずほエクササイズ
Mizuho Exercise: Mizuho is having sex at her boyfriends room, Hiro-kun. Lately Mizuho's stomach has grown a little bit, Hiro-kun recommends that she does some exercise in the pool. What kind of swimsuit will she wear... Water Trouble: Sayaka is a clumsy college student living alone, she is always giving trouble to Takuya, another apartment tenant. One day Sayaka is doing the laundry and the washing machine brakes causing a flood on Sayakas apartment, when Takuya hears her scream he rushes to her room only to find her wearing only a soaked shirt, revealing all his body..her boobs...nipples... Later during summer vacation, Mizuho has gained a little weight again, she and her boyfriend go to the beach, and him seeing Mizuho in a hot white swimsuit cannot resist having sex right there... Takuya and Sayaka have also come to the beach and after that incident...